Preventive Mitigation

If we are what we eat, and food is our medicine, then logic says be wise with our choices but this is easier said than done. 

At the onset of Covid-19 we were inundated with new facts that pre-existing or underlying health conditions were a significant determinant in whether we contracted the virus and in how we survived it. Where once these comorbidities were easily managed, suddenly our lives were on the line. 

This video, featuring a survivor of the 1918 Spanish Flu, re-surfaced at the beginning of Covid-19.  Interestingly enough she explains how a simple baking soda protocol (4:42 minutes) may have helped her family survive the pandemic by ‘neutralizing’ their systems, helping to stave off inflammation.

Nine months later I was curious as to whether there was any current research on baking soda in relation to Covid-19.  It was encouraging to find others discussing these same issues addressed on this site.

These videos primarily feature inflammation and bring to light the real issues around poor nutrition, poor health and underlying conditions. Making very slight changes by implementing integrative health practices and habits has proven to protect our immune systems thus helping to keep the virus at bay.


All disease begins in the gut”
a quote by the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates nearly 2500 years ago. 


These microbiome videos confirm the above.

Not eating healthily, being sedentary, not getting enough sleep, and being under chronic stress can all contribute to a weakened immune system. When your immune system is depleted; bacteria, viruses, or toxins can overwhelm the body. Strengthening the immune system in order to cope with the Covid-19 symptoms is crucial now more than ever. 

Does immune protection play any part in COVID-19 severity?

The nutritionist and author Adele Davis, influenced many generations through her nutritional determinism by introducing us to diet, nutrition, health, healing and disease prevention. Before her death she stated, “In my opinion there is no question whatsoever that the terrific amount of cancer we have now is related to the inadequacies of the American diet.” The holistic community that followed, that she influenced, unearthed the fact that diseases with the names ending in ‘itis’ are related to inflammation. 

 Our bodies are complex eco-systems dependent on micro-nutrients, yet our society has been at the mercy of the processed food industry and our health has been ravaged by it. The healthcare system in effect is actually a sick care system because a major culprit at the root of human dis-ease is attributed to the processed food industry; fats, sugars and fast food. These processed foods are addictive and the resulting cravings have created a society of over-eaters who are hostage to the food industry and crippled by chronic health symptoms further burdening the medical system.

We think we have to go on restrictive diets and avoid carbs in order to be healthy and or lose weight, and that we have to give up gluten and bread, which for many is the staff of life. We know that we should eat well in order to feel better though giving up or depriving ourselves of foods we love, is not always the answer.

Resistant Carbs/Starch, Glucose, Sugars 

In this link cooking carbs in advance, is shown to reduce starch, aiding in digestion with a lower glycemic reading. 

As a one-time foody, I have run the gamut of all the obsessive food angles imaginable and I nag everyone in my world about my ongoing discoveries. After half a lifetime of absorbing and trying to synthesize the do’s and don’ts dogma and wondering if I can live by it, I’ve come out on the other side with the beginnings of an inexhaustive list of alternative options.

Proactive Interventions  

Updating the contents in our medicine cabinet to a treasure trove of near-instant soothing remedies and interventions may help prevent minor health emergencies from developing into chronic conditions. 

When acute crises such as itching, pain, water retention or pitting edema, burning toes, etc. surface, a bodily system or organ is signalling its distress and manifesting through these symptoms.  

The practical diagnostic wisdom of the treasure trove both relieves the physical angst and addresses the root cause of the symptom; so that these momentary bouts with bodily dis-ease do not proliferate in to more serious disease and averting prematurely the need for prescription.

As common-sense interventions, the ‘treasure trove’ can provide one with a tangible sense of security and independence, allowing us to take a more active role in controlling our health. 


Medical herbalist, James Sloane, informs and clarifies health-related concerns.


Serrapeptase, a supplement commonly known as the miracle enzyme that helps control inflammation and pain, has many additional benefits such as cleaning the arteries, lowering blood pressure, swelling and more. As well, it acts as an oral form of chelation that rids the body of heavy metals which cholesterol clings to, thus potentially reducing high cholesterol.

According to various articles, Serrapeptase should not be taken with other medications.

“The truth is it does NOT affect any drugs whatsoever except that it may make them unnecessary,” as the link below states. 


However, it is recommended that one should consult a physician for personalized medical advice and monitoring. 


Liposome-encapsulated vitamin C is more potent, fast-acting and bioavailable than in synthetic vitamin form. I rely on it to help stave off minor emergencies or when not feeling well.  Having it on hand during flu season, especially if I’m stressed and run down,  gives me sense of security because I know it acts to boost and protect my immune system. 

Priessnitz compress and the potato cure are two treatments that a Czechoslovakian nurse, who like myself studied alternative health for two-thirds of her life, brought to my attention. Long used in Eastern European hospitals, they have proven to be invaluable cure-alls. They helped deflect what could have become medical emergencies for me, such as acute knee swelling, broken wrist and subsequent inflammation and water retention.

While our body has a way of signalling its intolerance of excesses, and sensitivities to poorly prepared home-cooked and restaurant foods, these two treatments help alleviate uncomfortable side-affects. In light of the current Covid-19 emergency, disseminating and sharing my friend’s indispensable treatments is relevant now more than ever. 

Important Note:

Should anyone be interested in using these methods, please contact me first, as the links below do not include my friend’s complete methods and explanations that we wish to share. 

Note: Your request will help expedite the completion of upcoming full-length descriptions. In the meantime, the contemporary links below shed light on the concepts.


Potato Cure


Dr. Priessnitz – Wet Sheets


Following is just the tip of the iceberg of items, to enhance a treasure trove. 

Natural Remedies 

Natural Antibiotics Such As:
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Oregano Oil
Echinacea Tincture

12 in 1 Tissue Salts (minerals)


Bronchitis Intervention

In lieu of the Covid-19 emergency this bronchial intervention may be invaluable. 

CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo openly discussed his fear of contracting pneumonia and the complications it could pose for his recovery from the virus. As prevention he made sure to combine breathing exercises with his daily walking steps.

 Prior to Covid-19, I had my first experience with a bronchial condition. I couldn’t catch my breath or cough up trapped mucous, which resulted in fluctuating high blood pressure.

 It was then I learned of the term ‘productive cough’, meaning it is important that our cough should produce mucous because a non-productive cough can be a sign of an impending bronchial condition. I knew I had to do something to loosen the mucous for fear that a buildup of phlegm might lead to infection and possibly pneumonia.

 For two days I had an urgent need to treat myself every half hour with the following alternating rotation of treatments.

Salt water gargling;  silver dissolved in mouth through mucosa; 3/4 times a day Lypo Spheric Vitamin C; 2/3/4 times a day grapefruit seed extract; tincture of echinacea; tissue salts.

Several times daily Priessnitz compress; first rub olive oil on chest with a drop of oregano oil, cover with compress. While relaxing with compress, take a drop of oregano oil in the mouth, let it build with saliva, then let the liquid trickle down the throat. The intent of the compress is to pull out inflammation.

Plenty of liquids; water, water with cider vinegar, lemon, cayenne, honey; 24-hour chicken broth and/or antiviral broth.

For those who find oregano oil overpowering, following with a sip coffee nullifies this  effect and surprisingly is a one-time permanent solution.  

While respecting the medical community, making the body comfortable by implementing these suggestions may help alleviate or stave off discomfort until you can meet with your doctor. 




This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 



The previously mentioned friendship has been mutually beneficial in the sharing of  our respective knowledge on exercise, health and nutrition. She had little time to commit to a traditional exercise program because she was so busy working and taking care of her family. Introducing her to just one of my exercises helped transform her body pain and she repeatedly insisted that I scream my pearls to the world. Her knowledge of nursing, alternative health and medicinal cuisine brought me to a new understanding of disease prevention. Together we offer a rare glimpse into our unique undisciplined disciplined approach to overcoming obstacles with both diet and exercise.  It is primarily to her credit that this page is so complete.

Due to our  infectious enthusiasm for these fast-acting interventions, we tend to nag those close to us in the hopes of making them comfortable when confronted with occasional bodily crises. 

To conclude, my plan to document these simple tactics that help regulate both my appetites and the acute bodily symptoms they cause, sat on the back burner while I completed my universal workout publications.  However, the Covid-19 emergency offered the perfect platform for these complex subjects.  Since we have thus far only scratched the surface on Proactive Interventions and Food for Thought expect more to come.