Here on Corona Home Gym is the original Gliding seed, along with an amazing set of Floor Exercises given to me in 1993 by Glen Cunningham, founder of CORFIT. Both are indeed the ultimate in Core Exercise.

Gliding excursions both outdoor or in-home, are essential to improving our walking or running form. The Magic Floor Exercises, individually or combined with Gliding, provide enhanced body shaping and ongoing maintenance meeting the general fitness and cardio needs of the human body.

This two-part program offers a profound and gentle concentrated routine resulting in an inclusive, head-to-toe workout that can be done in a confined space in only minutes a day. As well, this program is doable by anyone and everyone no matter the fitness level.

The once popular 5/10 BX boasted similar claims though they were abandoned in 2008 due to reported injuries.

Post workout stretching with either the Magic Floor Exercises or Seated Yoga Posture, which we will cover under alloted tab, is an essential companion to any and all types of ambulating activities.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to incorporate some kind of effective stretching into your daily life, not just during and post workout.